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LCPR Electric and Pneumatic Pump Packages


Off-Road Lubrication Kits

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Designed for oil and grease systemsUse for off-road, industrial, marine & food processing machinery, logging & lumber industryPRODUCT DESCRIPTION

• Designed for oil and grease systems

• Use for off-road, industrial, marine & food processing machinery, logging & lumber industry



 • Compact, light weight design

• Industry exclusive side & front facing alternate output ports

• Internal check valves (316 SS Balls & Springs)

• 1-24 lube points per valve assembly

• We install and service what we sell 


Lubrication Scientifics offers the most adaptable miniature divider valve currently in existence. The only divider valve to provide side and front facing outlets; ideal for accessibility in compact, limited space applications.

Available in 12vt or 24vt DC. Reservoir sizes of 44lb , 60lb or 90lb. for large mining vehicles. AC voltages available for industrial use.Lubrication Scientificsorfl series progressive distribution blocks are the newest generation of series progressive valves on the market.

orfl series progressive distribution blocks are the newest generation of series progressive valves on the market. Available in plated steel, 303 and 316 stainless steel for aggressive environmental conditions. They feature internal check valves on each outlet to reduce the overall back pressures needed to operate a distribution valve.

LCPR Pumps

Available in 12vt or 24vt DC. Reservoir sizes of 44lb , 60lb or 90lb. for large mining vehicles. AC voltages available for industrial use.

LPE-124 Pumps

Available in 12vt and 24vt DC. Reservoir sizes of 4kg, 6kg, and 8kg. Rugged design for off-road applications. Integrated or remote in-cab control for operator interaction.

LPE-ECP1 Pumps

Available in 12vt or 24vt DC. Reservoir sizes of 1.5kg, 2.2kg, and 2.7kg. Small and compact it is ideal for over the road and trailer applications. Integrated or remote in-cab control for operator interaction.


LT EZ Greaser systemLT EZ GreaserLT EZ Greaser system


• Keep your greasing simple and easy with the LT EZ Greaser system.

• One grease point remotely mounted that serves up to 24 grease points.

• No more crawling under trailer or getting into tight spaces.

• Rear drive brake system and 5th wheel plate on semi trucks so you never have to unhook your trailer to grease it.

• Use your own grease gun or in future add the LPE-ECP1 pump to have an automatic system to make it simple and easy.

• Each EZ Greaser kit comes complete with mounting bolts and installation schematic.

• Kits can be customized for your specific piece of equipment.


EZ Greaser kits are built for various trailers such as:
Oil Tankers, Flat Deck, Low Beds, Logging, Gravel, Van Body, Grain Trailers and Single & B Train

 • LT EZ Greaser dirt trap filter with grease zerk and 4000psi safety relief valve.

• 8.6 mm line run from dirt trap to the distribution block

• 6mm line from block to grease points 4500psi line.

• In the event of a grease point not taking grease, the EZ Greaser will tell you by grease coming out of the safety relief valve.

• Troubleshooting which one is not taking grease is simple. Just bring the EZ Greaser up to pressure before the safety relief valve releases. Then on the distribution block, clean the face of the block and with a hex wrench, slowly loosen plugs on the face till you find one that grease squirts out.

• Follow the line to the grease point or look on the schematic that comes with the kit and it will show you which grease point the line goes to.


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